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Have fun in the process of

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-Do you want to communicate more fluently in Spanish?

-Are you looking for feedback to improve your Spanish?

-Do you need Spanish to communicate with your family or for business purposes?

Learn at your own pace

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Have fun!

Enjoy learning Spanish!

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I completely understand that everyone has a different motivation to speak and study Spanish. My main goal as a teacher is to make the reward of learning Spanish much bigger than the sacrifice of doing so. I want you to think more in Spanish! Spanish has to flow little by little, and you have to feel it!

During the lessons, I listen carefully to your speaking to discover your level of Spanish, what you do well in Spanish and what you need to improve or learn.

I give you detailed feedback on your performance and we correct your errors together to help you communicate more effectively.



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Guanajuato, México


Glad that you are here!

My name is Margarita. Born and raised in Mexico City, I have always been interested in learning languages and getting to know different cultures from all over the world.

After my Bachelor in International Relations I started working for two private language centers in Mexico City and I found my passion: teaching Spanish in a communicative way! So I completed a course to become a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language at Instituto Hemingway, an accredited centre of the Instituto Cervantes (the largest institution in the world dedicated to teaching Spanish- and to foster the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries).

In 2009 I moved to Amsterdam with my Dutch partner. Since then, I have enjoyed teaching Spanish to many dedicated and multi-talented individuals with high levels of creative energy. At the same time I started learning Dutch and some years later I began to study at the Utrecht Institute for Interpreters and Translators (ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen).  After having enjoyed living in Amsterdam for almost 8 years, I moved to Utrecht in 2019. 

All my professional activities are related to languages, culture, translating and teaching Spanish. So, for example, I am the Secretary of Stichting Sonoro www.stichtingsonoro.com, a Dutch based foundation that promotes musical and cultural workshops for children in Veracruz, Mexico. 

In my blog www.nuestraholanda.com  you will find activities for Spanish speaking residents living in the Netherlands, such as workshops, concerts, cultural events, parties and interviews.

I love learning! And yes, teaching Spanish is learning!

What about you? Why would you like to learn Spanish?

If you are looking for private Spanish lessons in Utrecht, get in touch with me for a free intake!

I'd love to hear from you!


   Cremerstraat 420,

  3532 BT, Utrecht, NL

  +31(0)6 16 19 99 07

    KVK Amsterdam 34366405


Spanish lessons in Utrecht


I love teaching my native Spanish language! My vision has always been to help, inspire and excite Spanish learners through creativity and experience. Born and raised in Mexico City, I have always been interested in learning languages and getting to know different cultures from all over the world. I enjoy reading, watching movies and traveling!

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